Sunday, May 23, 2010

Strange Toys...

Why, what in the WORLD is in that strange box?

Why, STRANGE TOYS of course!
[This is a mix of toys that belonged to my mother, my uncle brother, and myself. For some reason, I've held on to them throughout the years. I think they're awesome, and decided they might be due for a day out in the sun. The following pictures explain what happened...]

The Happy-Meal toys just stood around and gossiped about The Hills and The City.

At first, all the gals tried to hang out, but they kept arguing about who had the smallest feet.

These ladies hung out in the garden, talking about their hair, and the latest collection at Anthropologie.
Karen used the afternoon to recruit new members to the Roller Derby team. She met Barbara, a retired snake, who was ecstatic about slithering around the rink.


Mr. T and Buzz Aldrin decided to spend the afternoon at the Bird's Nest, a local bar that serves Mimosas and Cosmos only. These two were an unlikely match up, but ended up becoming the best of friends. They plan to meet regularly.

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