Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Denver Sheraton

My Co-worker's Pretty Drink (LOVE the menu design)

Well, here I am, blogging from the Rocky Mountains! After an exhausting trip: 1 hour to check suitcase at airport, my suitcase was 9 pounds overweight so I had to put that in my carry on, a 40 minute delay for takeoff, running through the Memphis airport for a layover, making the flight by 1 minute, and a $60 cab ride from the Denver airport to the hotel...I'm HERE! The weather is lovely, NO humidity. We're on the 16th street mall; blocks of restaurants and shops, very quaint! There are salad bars everywhere, and I've developed a taste for fresh berries as a topping YUM! My body is still getting used to being 2 hours behind...I woke up this morning at 5 am feeling quite energetic, but I forced myself to sleep, haha. Well, more from Denver later. Have you watched the Neistat Brothers yet?

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