Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Perspective...

These two stories have shocked me, and have me thinking just how insignificant and small my problems seem in comparison. The first is a story about nearly 200 women, and four children, being gang raped in the Congo July 30 as rebels fight over mineral reserves in the area. It's heartbreaking and makes me feel utterly helpless. How can we (and by we, I mean the American government) allow this to go on? What can be done?

The second story is about 33 miners trapped over 2000 feet below the surface in Chili. They've been there since August 4, and yesterday, rescuers predicted that it could take 4 months to set them free. I am claustrophobic and the thought of being trapped like this is unbelievable. I read that many of the men have lost nearly 20 pounds already. They have been surviving by sharing cans of tuna and mackeral every other day, and rescuers will soon be able to get them oxygen, water, and medication. It's absolutely amazing they have been able to survive this long, and I hope they make it out long before four months.

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