Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Space

I've decided that my creative space will never be completely finished - so I decided to just go ahead and post some pics of my progress up to this point. I've tried to use a lot of color and add some details that mean a lot to me. All my traveling this summer delayed the process, but I got back to it, and here are the results so far!


 Before #2


The inspiration I needed...this Japanese pinball machine got me moving with this project. It was a gift from my grandparents. I've adored this pinball machine since I was a child. The desk chair used to belong to my great-grandmother. My grandmother had it recovered and gave it to me as a high school graduation gift. The top of the chair spins all the way around, and is great fun for making yourself totally dizzy and giggly.

I'm trying to keep the desktop clean, so I bought a lot of different storage boxes at IKEA. I'm hoping to add some sort of color or design to the white boxes eventually. The orange strip is magnetic, the bulletin board was recycled and spray painted silver, and the silver strip is supposed to be a magnetic holder for knives, but I added storage containers that house paper clips, small spools of thread, and buttons. The desk and shelf are also IKEA buys.
These lamps also belonged to my great grandmother. I've always loved the dangling "crystals" and the interesting light and shadow designs they cast when turned on.

These bedclothes are from IKEA and I am so inspired and in love with the colors.

I got this lamp shade from IKEA and spray painted the base silver.

Family heirlooms created by my great grandmother (top), mother (middle), and great great grandmother (bottom)

Some favorite books...

These jars belonged to my great great grandmother (front and center; old peanut butter jar) and my great grandmother (back jars)

I installed these myself! I love to drill!

Got some special compartments for my many monthly magazines.

No room is complete without a little greenery!


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