Monday, November 8, 2010

From Farm to Fork

With all the farmers in this area, it's really easy to buy local produce and meats. This weekend I visited the Davidson Farmers Market. I'm sad to say it was my first time visiting this market, but happy that it is the first of many! The small town of Davidson is so charming and reminds me of a quaint West Virginia town. It was a really fun Saturday morning!

This lovely produce is from Barbee Farms, a local farm filled with delicious fruits, veggies, and other treats like honey and REAL popcorn! I bought all my produce at this stand.

 This bakery had some beautiful loaves of bread. I also bought a mini broccoli, red pepper, and cheese quiche here for breakfast. It was hands down the best quiche I've ever had! Fluffy center and a flaky crust...mmmmm.

 They also had some insanely tempting pastries! Unfortunately, I forgot to get this bakery's name. Next time!

Next stop, the Pasta Wench. Besides the awesome name, this company had some yummy ravioli blends for sale. I've already tried the Portabello-Asiago-Vidalia and it was delicious.

Before heading home, I stopped by the flower booth and treated myself to this gorgeous bouquet...for only $10!

A rundown of my goodies for the day: a head of butter lettuce, quiche, turnips, green onions, a melt-in-your mouth heirloom tomato (post-summer, yay!), bok choy, three packages of ravioli, and some lovely flowers. Score!

Murphy LOVED the flowers! He's a little botanist and always enjoys a good whiff of plant life.


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