Monday, November 22, 2010

"Hey, Hey, What is Going On Here?"

This is my favorite quote from Richard Belding, Principal of Bayside High (1989-1933). These photos will tell you a little bit about what has been going on HERE!

I celebrated with my classmates in Event Planning Certification Class by having a "potluck" dinner during our final presentations. This delicious red velvet and cream cheese icing cupcake was made by Alan, of Two Guys N A Kitchen.

A new bar opened in Birkdale called the Kilted Buffalo. The owner is a Marshall University alumni and named the bar after the Thundering Herd. Notice the Marshall helmet on the fridge (left)?

 The bar also has Shuffleboard...and a salon! It doubles as a men's grooming parlor.

 Met up with some friends for dinner and DOMINATED at Mellow Mushroom Trivia Night! We ended up winning free beer, gift certificates, and other goodies!

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