Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Treats N Sweets

During my travels these past few weeks I've had some delicious food! I took some pics of a few of my favorites.

OK, so this isn't EDIBLE food, but I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this Body Shop vending machine at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Can I have one of these in my house?

Some lovely fresh fruit in Ft. Lauderdale

Scrumptious chocolates in Orlando (kind of fuzzy - iPhone pic)

I was so impressed with this lunch presentation at the Hilton Orlando. It's the chef's version of a "Bento Box." The top shelf had three different types of veggie/pasta salads, the middle is a sliced chicken breast, parmesan chip, green beans, an arugula salad wrapped in cucumber, and the cone was filled with berry marmalade and goat cheese (OMG SO GOOD), the bottom shelf has hummus, pesto and olives. Of course, since I don't eat chicken, the chef was kind enough to bring me a vegetarian plate with avocado instead of chicken.

The same chef from Hilton Orlando made this stunning dessert sampler. He used a votive holder to place the creative! From left to right is: flourless chocolate cake with peppermint creme, cheesecake with strawberry/orange marmalade and graham cracker crumb, pecan pie with white chocolate, berries and zabione, and some type of German chocolate cake. Delicious!

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