Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling Mossy

I really love moss. There are so many varieties and such beautiful shades, I don't know why I've never attempted to add some moss to my garden. I think it's going to be a SPRING project!

This tiny moss terrarium featured on Lifehacker would be an adorable centerpiece or decoration.

Can I please have a moss bathmat?

 Mossy coffee table

This article on Juxtapoz gives directions for making moss graffiti.

Here is a short article from Martha Stewart describing how to work with moss. Do you have any moss in your life? Perhaps I should try growing some moss in an awesome JAR!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Shots

What a beautiful weekend! I finally got to relax in the new place!

 Lovely Valentine orchids from my sweet husband!

Got to relax by the lake!


OK, you can start blooming now!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Buggin' Out

Happy Friday! It's a gorgeous 73 here today. I was going through some old photos and thought I'd post some random insect pics I've taken through the years... I love bugs!

Spider on my porch going for the prey!

Grasshopper...Can't remember where this was taken, but what a fabulous shade of green!

June Bug, just hangin out on the porch!

I've always heard ladybugs are good luck. They're also so cute!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Finds

It's been a crazy week of moving, unpacking, settling, and more wallpaper removal! Yes, we decided we just can't stand the other two wallpapered bathrooms. It's a fun husband / wife project though, and it's going to look great. I'll post pics soon, but in the finds!

Rust-oleum has a new line of DIY countertop refurbishment kits. My mind is definitely on home improvement lately, especially affordable ones! This looks really cool!

The 2011 Bonnaroo lineup is out! I've been to about 5 Roos in the past, and can't go now because of a crazy work schedule in June. This lineup is awesome and if I win the lottery I'm making it happen. A few red eye flights and a rental car are all I need!

I'm blown away by this awesome backyard carnival wedding. So creative!

I would absolutely LOVE to attend one of Angela Ritchie's ACE camps. She plans art retreats in amazing places! For example, a couple weeks ago, Geninne, from one of my favorite blogs, hosted a camp in Mexico. In 2012 there is one in Morocco! Awesome...


Monday, February 14, 2011

New Nest

We spent the weekend moving to our new place! Moving is really exhausting, but it's fun to get settled. We finally took a moment to relax and enjoy our patio by cooking dinner on our new grill! I grilled a portabella mushroom, onions, and some red bell pepper and put it on a salad. Jer made a steak. This is a pic of Murphy watching him eat... Notice the bubble? Don't worry, his puppy eyes managed to get him a few bites of steak!

This is a shot of all my plants lined up and ready to be moved. I have to find the perfect light for each of them in the new place.

For Valentine's Day, I got Jer these personalized eclairs from Amelie's French Bakery.They are so delicious! The chocolate ganache is my personal favorite. He surprised me with a bouquet of tulips, a stunning orchid, and lunch at our favorite restaurant! I'll post some flower pics later.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anthropologie Wedding Collection

I am so in love with the new BHLDN wedding gowns. BHLDN is a new branch of  Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters), the whole collection will be revealed Monday. Green Wedding Shoes has a post with pics from a modeling session. I love this butterfly dress (each butterfly is hand sewn to the dress).

Stuff I Like

It seems that my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts have turned into Tuesday and Thursday (and other sporadic times). I'm coming up with some new ideas for the blog, and plan on moving it to an official URL very soon! In the meantime, here are some things I'm likin'

I'm loving this 1920s bungalow featured on Design Sponge (one of my new favorite blogs). It belongs to Floral Art Creator and Designer, Jennifer McGarigle, and is located in L.A. I love the colors, the layout, everything about this place! Not to mention, the word BUNGALOW is super cool! The patio is particularly awesome.

Richard Olney's Garlic Soup recipe, featured on another blog I'm loving, 101 Cookbooks. Not only does this soup sound pretty simple, it just looks like a perfect winter dish.

My mind races with ideas when I see this vintage postal sorter featured on Etsy. I'm going to start looking at antique stores and shows to find one!

This zebra finch print is just too cute. It reminds me of a finch I used to have, named Alexander. I found it on Poster Cabaret, where they have some fantastic pieces. I really like the prints done by Charley Harper.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

W Hotel - Downtown Atlanta

Last week I managed a workshop at the W Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. This was my first experience at a W Hotel and it's one of the trendiest hotels I've stayed in. Their attention to detail is amazing. From a kaleidoscope in the hotel room engraved with "WISH," to the dimly lit halls and rooms, and even a "WISH" button on the phone. You push it, tell them what you want, and they make it happen! The lobby bar is more like a living room, filled with couches, comfy pillows, and games. A fascinating flock of silver mobiles crowd the ceiling. Each W Hotel is uniquely designed, and I hope to experience more of them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Valentine Treats

How cute are these fruit stickers? You can download them for free on the Twig & Thistle blog. Just print them on sticker paper and use a 1" craft punch to cut them out. It's nice to see a healthy gift option for Valentine's Day!