Monday, February 14, 2011

New Nest

We spent the weekend moving to our new place! Moving is really exhausting, but it's fun to get settled. We finally took a moment to relax and enjoy our patio by cooking dinner on our new grill! I grilled a portabella mushroom, onions, and some red bell pepper and put it on a salad. Jer made a steak. This is a pic of Murphy watching him eat... Notice the bubble? Don't worry, his puppy eyes managed to get him a few bites of steak!

This is a shot of all my plants lined up and ready to be moved. I have to find the perfect light for each of them in the new place.

For Valentine's Day, I got Jer these personalized eclairs from Amelie's French Bakery.They are so delicious! The chocolate ganache is my personal favorite. He surprised me with a bouquet of tulips, a stunning orchid, and lunch at our favorite restaurant! I'll post some flower pics later.

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