Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cookin' Up a Storm

(Flashback one week) The forecast called for a beautiful week and weekend; hot and sunny on Saturday. A young newlywed couple decided to invite a couple friends over for some brewski and cornhole. As the week wore on, anticipation of the beautiful and relaxing Saturday to come kept them motivated. On Friday, a morning review of the Weather.com iPhone app brought much sadness. The forecast had suddenly changed to a 40% chance of thunderstorms! Not to be challenged by Mother Nature, the young couple focused on the 60% chance of NO RAIN!

Saturday morning was promising, partly cloudy with sunshine peeking through. The wife worked hard in the kitchen, baking M&M cookies and making her mom's famous 7-layer dip. The husband cleaned the grill until it sparkled and set up fixins' for the burgers. As the wind began to whip a bit harder, more clouds covered the sky. The young couple was worried. Guests arrived and managed to hang about an hour until the horrible storm arrived, completely ending the party. The short fiesta was really fun, but too short...better luck next time!

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