Friday, April 1, 2011

Tragedy on Aquarium Lane

In 2003, I bought a 30-gallon aquarium, and four tiny goldfish. They were 40 cents apiece, and were intended to be feeder fish. This is the only pic I can find of them at the moment, although I'm sure I took others. The goldfish ended up living over 4 years..even surviving a 5 hour drive during our move. In the car, I packaged them like organs being transported: battery powered air pump, regular stops to check vitals, goldfish in a brand new 5-gallon bucket, and a fancy pyrex dish for the betta I had at the time. Sadly, they passed away several months later. I was heartbroken and let the aquarium sit dry and fishless...until last week (almost 2 years later).

Angelfish 1 (2011 -  )
I worked hard to get my aquarium started again. It was sparkling clean, the bubble wall flowed full force, the neon plants swayed so gently in the water you'd swear they were real, and the buddha head / fish cave was positioned ever so carefully. I did my research on "easy" fish to raise who also had longevity. Determined to succeed, I walked into Petco with a sample of water. The "fish guy" tested it and determined my tank to be READY FOR FISH! After several minutes of interrogation, and recommendations from the employee, I walked out with two Gourami and two Angelfish (all from the same tank). Both types of fish are said to do better in pairs.

Gourami 1 (2011 -  )
About an hour later, the new fish were finally in the tank! It was a wonderful feeling to have my tank back. Then...tragedy struck.

 Angelfish 2 (2011 - 2011)
Three days after their release, on my birthday nonetheless, the angelfish you see above perished. With a heavy heart, I returned to the store the following day with the fish in tow (yes gross, but they need to see proof). I received a new angelfish and headed back home. Things seemed lovely...until two days later when I found the newest fish dead as well. I returned YET AGAIN to Petco and received YET ANOTHER angelfish, only to find it dead the next morning. I officially give up. The other three fish seem perfectly fine. My theories are: (a) Since the fish were all from the same tank, perhaps I am bringing home old enemies and they are being murdered; (b) Angelfish taste good to other fish; or (c) Petco has unhealthy and weak fish. Perhaps it is a mix of all three. All I know is that I am holding out hope for my three current fish and hope to forget this tragedy ever occurred.

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