Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweet Birdie Babies

For the past three years, a family of birds has returned to the same spot at my office to build their nest and hatch some babies. It is always the same breed of bird (not sure what it is), but I wonder, is it the same parents returning or the kids from the previous year coming back "home?" I love watching the process: building the nest, laying and warming the eggs, and finally seeing the little chicks grow up! Here are a couple shots I got while the mom was away. She screams and dives at us if we take too long near her babies! The top photo is soon after they hatched and the bottom photo is around two weeks later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Play!

My grandparents made Jer and I some awesome cornhole boards last year, and we decided to spruce them up with some art. Jer said that he would LOVE some Marshall University boards (our alma mater). After a couple of obstacles deciding what kind of paint to use, I decided to buckle down and get to it!

First, I got my supplies together. I decided to use basic acrylic paint.
Did some paint mixin'

I traced the logos on the board using a projector, then got to painting! I started this project April 24 and worked on it nearly every night until May 24. It took longer than I expected because the acrylic paint was thin; each color required at least 4 coats! I must say, this project really re-awakened my love for painting. I have big plans to keep it up from here on out. It's so relaxing!

And finally, here they are! Painted and covered with polycrylic to protect from the elements!

I'm excited, we can finally use the cornhole bags I worked so hard on...Let's Play!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Triscuit Monster

Dear Nabisco, I discovered this Triscuit Monster in my most recent box of delicious shredded wheat heaven, and it gave me an idea. Could you please please create Triscuit Monsters on purpose? Maybe four Triscuits in one? Or even six? Leave the perforation so they can be small if needed, of course, but my mind runs wild with Triscuit Monster ideas. Maybe a peanut butter, honey and banana Triscuit pizza? or a Triscuit Monster piled high with salsa, cheese, and black beans? If you need more ideas, feel free to write me! I love Triscuits!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Favorite Taurus

Last weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday. It was a great party!

Mom started the evening by making a drink featuring Chocovine...chocolate mixed with cabernet wine. It takes like Bailey's Irish Cream! The glass is rimmed with Oreos and was pretty tasty!

Birthday flowers from sweet!

We made a serious birthday feast! Peel and eat shrimp (amazing), potatoes, salad, deviled eggs, and corn. I wish I could have this meal every day. Not mention...Iced tea in a jar!

 Mom really wants to go to Paris. Since I can't afford to buy her tickets, I thought I'd bring Paris to her! I made this card and got her a Paris-themed gift. 

 My mammol got her this gorgeous giant hanging flower basket!

 We got creative with the cake so it could also be Paris-themed! I brought home some personalized eclairs and macaroons from Amelie's...oh my, they were so good!

No party would be complete without our favorite pups! They hung on the porch with grandpa, looked out the window, and then crashed! It was really nice to spend time with my family!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tin Can Flowerpots

For my Mother's Day table, I decided to make decorations that could also be gifts. I used tin cans to make cute little flowerpots for my mom, mammol, and aunt. Here are some pics of the process:

 First I got the supplies paper, scissors, and tin cans.

 I cut some strips of contact paper and wrapped them around the tin cans.

 Such a simple and fun project!

They looked great on the table!

I'd also like to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Memories

Mother's Day weekend was a success!
My mom, grandma, and aunt came to spend the weekend with me. We had a lovely time!

First, I surprised them with a lunch by the lake.

Each guest received an impatiens plant, seed bombs, and a cute plate from Anthro.

On the menu: Subway sandwich platter, bleu cheese potato salad, pesto farfalle, fresh veggies, and mimosas. For dessert: mini cheesecakes with fresh fruit. It was delicious!

It was T-bone's 3rd birthday so the pups partied big time!

We had Mother's Day brunch at the Crepe Cellar, it was really good!

We ended the day with a stroll through McGill Rose Garden. It was incredible! It used to be an old Coal and Ice company by the train tracks, owned by a husband and wife. The wife started planting roses in the 1950s to pretty the place up. Now, they have about 1,000 bushes!

I'm so glad I got to share this wonderful weekend with my favorite ladies! Thanks for all you do!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinci Time

Last week I took a quick tour of Cincinnati, Ohio, to see if it might be a good spot for a future conference. The CVB fit a lot into a 24 hour period! The tour started 49 stories up in the Carew Tower with a bird's eye view of the city followed by lunch at the Contemporary Arts Center. I absolutely love the giant mural of Patti Smith painted by Shepard Fairey. From there it was a  whirlwind. I sampled Graeter's ice cream (hello raspberry chocolate chip, where have you been all my life?!), toured the city on a trolley, met the Mayor at Skyline Chili (random), stopped by Reds stadium, saw my first Cirque de Soliel show (incredible), and visited a Cleopatra exhibit at the Museum Center. Overall, I really like Cincinnati and am thoroughly impressed with the level of arts and culture available. I wish I could go on 24-hour tours of all major cities in the U.S. What fun!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Carry Your Love

I love lockets...

I bought this lovely locket from Little Tree Vintage

Printed some pics of my true loves...

Now I can take them everywhere with me!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I'm thinking we started a new Mother's Day tradition last year when my mom, grandmother, and aunt visited for a fun weekend. We're doing it again this year! I'll be sure to post pics of our adventures! Here are the invites I made for them:

For mom

For Mammol

For Aunt Loretta