Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden Tastic

Our new neighborhood is filled with gorgeous landscaping...vibrant flowers, lush trees, and tons of new flora and fauna I don't recognize! When our two neighbors updated their gardens, we realized how much work ours needed. So we got our garden on this weekend!

Before: Notice the hideous brick was there when we moved in. We decided to dig a trench and lay the bricks flat. This turned out to be a challenge since our yard is filled with Carolina clay! That stuff is hard!

Before: This is the other side of the garden. It used to have the horrendous brick congo line, but here they're laid in a nice flat line. I love it! Jer did an awesome job. This side was two different colors too, half dirt and half clay. The collection of various concrete shapes on the lower right side are random pieces I got out of the dirt.

Solution: We bought 15 bags of mulch, 2 bags of dirt, several pots, and lots of plants.

After: It looks so much cleaner with the mulch and flat brick edging!

After: Finally, this side is all one color and looks organized!

After: This is my favorite new plant, Kong Coleus. It loves shade and grows quickly! Both sides of the garden are mostly in the shade, so I had to get some shade-loving plants.

After: We also added some outdoor lighting to brighten it up in the evening. I love string lights!

Finally, we enjoyed a few brewskies in the new garden while Jer and a friend tossed some disc golf. It was a really great day!

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