Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make or Bake #1: Healthy Cookies

In an effort to watch TV less in the evenings, I've decided to start a little project called "Make or Bake" where I either do something creative or bake something new. Last night I tried out Nikki's Healthy Cookies Recipe from the blog 101 Cookbooks. 

Unfortunately, the cookies turned out somewhat bitter. I used olive oil instead of coconut oil, and kosher salt instead of sea salt so perhaps that was a mistake. I'm also wondering if my bananas were a bit on the small size. I used three like the recipe says, but forgot to see if it measured up to 1.5 cups. I can tell they would taste awesome if made correctly, so I'm gonna try try again! They are better with a bit of honey. I found this recipe, which is similar, so I might try it instead.

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