Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The View from Seattle

My first trip to Seattle was incredible. We arrived at the hotel, tossed down our things, and headed straight for the Pike Place Market! It didn't disappoint. Fresh seafood, gorgeous veggies, and colorful flowers lined booths nestled in between restaurants and shopping galore. It was Saturday, so the place was packed! I bought some purple and pink petunias that smelled heavenly. We had a delicious lunch at Lowell's overlooking the bay (fish tacos and burrata beans) and I was introduced to Pike Place Brewery's Naughty Nellie (yum). Beecher's Cheese is across the street from the Market and cheese lovers visiting Seattle must visit! You can taste samples while watching them make cheese through a giant glass window. Or, grab a grilled cheese sandwich or cup of homemade mac and cheese. I'll be back soon with more Seattle stories!

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