Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch Up

I've been really random with my blog posts lately and am aiming to get back on track with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Here are some catch-up shots! Hope you have a great weekend!

 Last weekend I went home to help throw a wedding shower for one of my best friends, Jessica, and her fiance Jeffrey.

The shower theme was "They're Hooked" and the goldfish was our mascot! We found the inspiration for these cupcakes from this video.

Jess's mom even got real goldfish for centerpieces! I'm happy to report that all goldfish found new homes at the end of the shower...

 And yes, of course I took some home! I happened to have an empty aquarium just waiting for some new inhabitants. Here's to another long goldfish experience!

It was great spending time with my girlfriends! (Sorry Steph, your eyes were closed in all of them, haha)

 Two of my coworkers have birthdays this weekend so I bought some cupcakes for them Thursday. I've been wanting to try Just Baked Cupcakes for a while; I've read great reviews! Of course, I picked up a couple extra for me and Jer. They were hands down, the best cupcakes I've had in Charlotte. From the upper left going clockwise the flavors are: brown butter pecan, sugar cookie, coconut haystack, and lemon blueberry. I can't wait to go back!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nature's Pottery

The other day I was checking out my basil plant when I noticed this formation on the underside of a leaf. I'm guessing it's the beginning of a hornet's nest (?), but it sure looks like a tiny adobe pot to me! So cute! Any clue what it could be?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Murphy!

Happy 4th Birthday to Murphy...the sweetest, funniest, most loving pup I know! Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives every day. Now stop growing up so fast!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beachy Shots

I just spent a lovely week at Carolina Beach with my family. It's one of our favorite beaches to visit! We had some great food at the Surf House, Shuckin' Shack, Hot Pink Cake Stand, and Britt's Donuts. We walked on the beach and searched for seashells, swam in the awesome color-changing pool in the backyard, and soaked up lots of sun. It would be a dream come true to live at the beach someday. Happy surfing!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Shots: Anniversary Edition

Since our 2-year anniversary was Monday, we celebrated with a relaxing weekend at home!

The traditional 2-year gift theme is cotton. We haven't done a thing with our bedroom since we moved in, so I decided to surprise Jer with a master suite makeover! All we had on our bed was a simple quilt (oops forgot to take a real BEFORE pic). Previously, there was nothing on the wall and no decor of any kind. The new bedding is soooo comfortable! I decided to accent with yellows and greens; the walls have pics I've taken while we were together. Over the bed I framed a pic of our wedding rings (by Krista Faulkner Photography). Unfortunately the room pics I took were with my iPhone and this is the only one that turned out good! Anyways, he was super surprised and loves the room. He got me a plushy soft robe (I've been wanting one for a bit) and took me to dinner at Cantina 1511...yum!

On Monday he surprised me by sending these gorgeous flowers to work! Thanks sweetie!

Thanks to some generous anniversary gifts we received, we were able to purchase this new IKEA dining set for our patio. We LOVE it!

Of course we had to break in the new table with a cookout!

We split a red velvet cupcake for dessert...our wedding cake was red velvet!

My neighbor has been graciously giving me access to his garden this summer. I LOVE SUMMER TOMATOES! I'm off to vacation next week so posts will probably be sporadic. Happy weekend everyone!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Anniversary #2

Wedding Photography by Krista Faulkner Photography
Happy 2nd Anniversary to my wonderful husband! Two awesome years have flown by! Thanks for being so sweet and loving...I'm one lucky lady!