Friday, October 7, 2011

Hangin in the Desert

This week, I made a quick trip out to Phoenix to scope it out for a potential meeting spot. I only had one day, but I saw a lot! It was hot, almost 100 degrees, but not humid. The city is young and developing and I'm excited to go back and get to know it better!

I stayed at the beautiful Downtown Sheraton. This hotel is only 3 years old and is absolutely gorgeous! Their restaurant, The District, uses organic foods from a local farm. It was really delicious!

 The decor is very minimalistic, which I loved. Some hotels can be so tacky and in-your-face with bright colors and patterns. The design here was so relaxing.

I had one heck of a view! Phoenix is so pretty.

I thought their pool had a really cool design.

Oakville Grocery Company is just a few blocks away. It had lots of great options for the grab-and-go business person downtown.

They also had an adorable wine bar with a happy hour! I stopped by and had a glass of prosecco and some local chocolates by Julia Baker... the ganache on the left was my favorite!

 Across the street from the hotel there was a really zen park with some beautiful palms.

And of course I had to try some Southwest / Mexican food! Urbanspoon directed me to a little downtown taco place called Vitamin T Tacos. I got the veggie taco: roasted potatoes and mushrooms, black beans, Oaxaca cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds topped with chili de arbol sauce and salsa verde, served on a corn tortilla. I have to say, this is possibly THE BEST taco I've had. On the side I had their homemade tomatillo and roasted tomato salsas. I'll be honest...I got a second one to go! Phoenix is great! Can't wait to go back!

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