Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Antique Finds

Last weekends one of my best friends, Christine, came to visit and we had a great time! The day consisted of cupcakes (oops I ate it too fast to take a pic), a giant antique fair, lunch at Luna's, an art museum downtown, and some delicious Mexican dinner! I saw some strange things at the antique fair...thought you might like to check them out!

I love the design of these vintage fans

The shapes and colors of these hose handles really inspired me!

This pile of old sign letters was awesome, I really wish I had some cool project that needed giant text! They were only $20-$40 apiece!

 Um...bottle opener anyone?

The antique fair is never lacking for strange and spooky toys. A whole shelf of clowns? Gives me the chills...

Lunch at Luna's was a "Skinny Witch" veggie burger; a typical veg burger wrapped in a raw collard leaf, served with salad on the side. It was really good, but next time I'm going for the Muesli! Thanks for visiting Christine!

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