Monday, December 12, 2011

Recipeats: Volume II

I'm back with some more Recipeats! In case you missed my other post, recipeats are recipes worth repeating! These two were delicious...

My first homemade loaf of bread! It was really easy and just requires several bouts of waiting for dough to rise. The best part? No weird unidentifiable ingredients like the ones in store-bought bread. Check out the recipe, courtesy of Summer Harms.

Next up, this Wild Rice Salad found on Harper's Happenings. I altered the recipe a bit and used edamame instead of peas, skipped the tomatoes since they're out of season, and used diced white onion instead of scallions. For the dressing, which is amazing by the way, I cut the oil down to a half cup (and will cut even further next time), used rice vinegar, and left out the paprika since I didn't have any. This is seriously addictive! Also, the dressing is wonderful drizzled over some sauteed kale. Get to cookin'!

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