Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Paws

Last weekend I had the privilege of volunteering to take photos of Santa Paws for the foster rescue, Catering to Cats and Dogs. The event took place at the Canine Cafe and my day was filled with adorable furry friends! Only a few of the dogs seemed scared of Santa but managed to trust him after a few treats from his pouch. I was surprised at how many just let Santa pick them right up and plop them on his lap! Here are a few of my faves!

There was so much cool stuff in the Canine Cafe! The homemade dog treats looked absolutely scrumptious! Murphy enjoyed a petit four and a cannoli.

This expression makes me laugh every I love the puppy mohawk!
There is totally some Boston Terrier in this dog. Check out that pouty lip!
 What a fun event! I'm thinking there needs to be a lot more dog photography in my future!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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