Friday, December 9, 2011

Youth Revisited

In early November my mother and I cleaned out my childhood closet. I was shocked at how emotional I got! I'll admit, I have a tendency to hold on to things, but I couldn't believe how much I'd saved from my childhood. The closet had items ranging from my elementary school years all the way through my first year of college! I was able to recycle, donate, or trash all of the items. It was a nostalgic whirlwind that nearly ripped my heart out at times and made me question myself at others. Since I was in the mood, I cleaned out my current closet the next weekend. As expected, this one contained items from my first year of college through now.

It's amazing how much I learned about myself during these experiences. I saw aspects of my creative self that have always been there and I realized that I need to tap into them more often in my adulthood! I saw other sides of myself that have been around for too long and need to go! Next project...the attic!

On a related note, check out I'm Remembering if you haven't already. It's a website filled with photos of toys, games, and food items from the 80s and 90s. Here are a few shots of items I found!

Awards were a tough one for me. I ended up compromising with myself. I saved about 8 of the trophies and got rid of the rest, and donated the ribbons and medals. I figure these photos will be enough for me to remember. I put the trophies in my workout room for motivation.

 Oh man, don't get me started on books. I donated most of the childhood books I found, but kept a special few. I was particularly happy to find Where the Sidewalk Ends. I'm hoping to find There's a Light on in the Attic in my attic! Did you know Shel has a new book out? I'd love to add that to my collection. Oh nostalgia, what a cruel temptress you are!

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