Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Finds

Just some things that have caught my eye on the web lately...

Photo via AnimalNewYork
How gorgeous is this Teddy bear rug made by artist Augustina Woodgate?!

Photo via Verana
Can I PLEASE win an all-expenses-paid trip to a yoga workshop at the Verana resort in Yelapa, Mexico?

Photos by Katie Neal Photo
I'm so inspired by this "Girl Scout Themed Bridal Shower" party featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Photo via Delia Creates
This DIY T-shirt produce bag tutorial from Delia Creates is on my project to-do list. It would be great for gift wrapping too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vegetarian Restaurants Rule!

I love trying new restaurants. When I heard about a new vegetarian restaurant in town I made plans with coworkers for an "after-work snack session." Fern: Flavors from the Garden opened in October 2011 and serves hearty vegetarian food. From what I've read, it gets great reviews from meat and non-meat eaters alike! Come live vicariously through my photos...apologies for the quality, they're iPhone pics again!

The first thing that caught my eye was this fabulous mason jar chandelier and living plant wall! The whole restaurant has a very zen and natural feel to it.

 Several reviews have raved about the "Fern Bruschetta" so I knew I had to try it. Oh man, I haven't stopped thinking about this since the first bite hit my tongue. The bread was just perfectly toasted (think french toast consistency) and topped with a mix of mushrooms (dying to know what kind; they were so tasty), red bell peppers, spinach, and a to-die-for sauce. Seriously, I've searched high and low for a recipe that sounds anything like this and haven't found a thing.

I tried my first gluten-free beer. It was really tasty and refreshing, and I felt like it didn't make me feel as full as most beers. And just FYI, the beer is priced way better than the wines.

On weekdays from 2-5 PM they have a "choose 3" option. I got an Indian Taco (front center), the Three Sisters Cake (right), and a Special for the day: purple potato wrapped in phyllo served with a couple nice sauces (left). The Indian Taco was my favorite, although there wasn't much "Indian" flavor to it in my opinion. The other two items were just OK. However, I'm willing to overlook their mediocre-ness because the bruschetta was so amazing. I can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recipeat (Volume III) in a PlanetBox!

I'm back with another Recipeat! There's an official new lunchtime go-to on the block: Chickpea "Chicken" Salad! Since I became a pescetarian (vegetarian + seafood) about 8 years ago, there are hardly any meat items I miss. Chicken salad and my Mammol's turkey salad might be the only two. A couple weeks ago I tried a tofu chicken salad from a local health food store only to be very disappointed. It was utterly bland! So I went a'searchin' for something else...and found it! This recipe is easy and very tasty. My only suggestion is to chop up the chickpeas before mashing them. I am not partial to large chunks of chickpea in my salad. I've been wrapping it up in a half piece of whole wheat lavash bread with pickles, spinach, white cheddar, and dijon mustard. Seriously, don't knock it till ya try it!

Here's a pic of a chickpea salad sandwich in the new PlanetBox I got from Jer for Christmas! Let me tell you, this thing is so cool. It's a stainless steel "bento-box" style lunchbox. Sure, it might be intended for kids, but it's absolutely adult-friendly too. There is no paper waste and it's dishwasher safe. Plus, you get to pick some cool magnets to decorate it with. Jer got me the modern art bunch. I can't wait to pack a delicious lunch for my next plane ride! (Please forgive my blurry iPhone photos)


Monday, January 23, 2012

Visit to the Greenbrier

Last weekend my grandmother and I visited the Greenbrier Resort (near Lewisburg, WV) to see my mom and her students participate in a culinary competition. The Greenbrier has a history that extends from the 1770s and an amazing interior design created by decorator Dorothy Draper. Following WWII, Draper put her mark on the Greenbrier from 1949 until well into the 60s. Her aesthetic is very bold and features lots of florals and geometric designs. The Gastby-esque indoor pool is one of my favorite features, and I cannot resist the handmade chocolate truffles. The Greenbrier is a fantastic weekend getaway, but if you have time during the week, prices are much lower. Be sure to try afternoon tea! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Thirty Down

Last weekend my friends and I celebrated the first 30th birthday party among us! We're all turning 30 this year (eek!) Here are some shots from Jessica's birthday celebration!

We started out the morning with a waffle, bacon, and fruit breakfast, yum!

Then we visited some really cool birds!

Of course there had to be presents, and 30 mini cupcakes with 30 candles!

Then we toured an awesome brewery, had a delicious dinner, and partied the evening away!

 The next morning we all met for a lovely brunch!

Thanks for sharing your 30th with us Jess! Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Shots

Last weekend was so lovely...70 degrees in January? I'll take it! Here are some randoms...

Played with a friend's awesome 50mm lens! Thanks Kelly!

Went bird watching from my bedroom window.

Lunch at Savor on Morehead (it was OK but they burnt my panini), visited an exhibit at the Light Factory (awesome!), and checked out some guitars.

Started on my second Toni Morrison book. I just finished Paradise and loved it. How, with all my Women's Studies education, have I not read Toni Morrison before?

Spent some time by the lake with my pup and the hubs. Here's to another great weekend! I'm celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday this weekend. Eek, it's the "year of 30" for myself and my friends!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Randoms

Some random shots I took over the holidays...

Through-the-door shot that would have been so awesome if I had only opened the door!

Found an old game, Bean Ball, and had to give it a go!

Murphy teaching the other dogs how to destroy wrapping paper.

Sun Man has lived on my bedroom ceiling since I drew him in high school!

 Turner had a moment of self awareness in the mirror. He gazed at his reflection for about 10 minutes!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pals, Pizza, and Presents!

The title says it all! So nice to see friends and family over the holidays!