Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recipeat (Volume III) in a PlanetBox!

I'm back with another Recipeat! There's an official new lunchtime go-to on the block: Chickpea "Chicken" Salad! Since I became a pescetarian (vegetarian + seafood) about 8 years ago, there are hardly any meat items I miss. Chicken salad and my Mammol's turkey salad might be the only two. A couple weeks ago I tried a tofu chicken salad from a local health food store only to be very disappointed. It was utterly bland! So I went a'searchin' for something else...and found it! This recipe is easy and very tasty. My only suggestion is to chop up the chickpeas before mashing them. I am not partial to large chunks of chickpea in my salad. I've been wrapping it up in a half piece of whole wheat lavash bread with pickles, spinach, white cheddar, and dijon mustard. Seriously, don't knock it till ya try it!

Here's a pic of a chickpea salad sandwich in the new PlanetBox I got from Jer for Christmas! Let me tell you, this thing is so cool. It's a stainless steel "bento-box" style lunchbox. Sure, it might be intended for kids, but it's absolutely adult-friendly too. There is no paper waste and it's dishwasher safe. Plus, you get to pick some cool magnets to decorate it with. Jer got me the modern art bunch. I can't wait to pack a delicious lunch for my next plane ride! (Please forgive my blurry iPhone photos)


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