Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Shots

Last weekend was so lovely...70 degrees in January? I'll take it! Here are some randoms...

Played with a friend's awesome 50mm lens! Thanks Kelly!

Went bird watching from my bedroom window.

Lunch at Savor on Morehead (it was OK but they burnt my panini), visited an exhibit at the Light Factory (awesome!), and checked out some guitars.

Started on my second Toni Morrison book. I just finished Paradise and loved it. How, with all my Women's Studies education, have I not read Toni Morrison before?

Spent some time by the lake with my pup and the hubs. Here's to another great weekend! I'm celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday this weekend. Eek, it's the "year of 30" for myself and my friends!

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