Friday, February 3, 2012

On the Road Again

I've been in Phoenix for work this week so I haven't had much time to take pics or post. The weather is beautiful! Sunny and around 70 degrees every day. I've been eating some really awesome food good I've actually forgotten to take pics of it before I start grubbing. Oops!

Last night we went to an adorable pizza place called Cibo (chee-bo). It's in a renovated bungalow with a lovely patio out front. Our table was wedged between two giant drooping tree branches that were decorated with string lights and glowing grapes! The wood-fired pizza was soooo delicious. I think it's the best pizza I've had since Serious Pie in Seattle!

This was the only vegetarian, healthy, non-processed food I could find at the airport (sans the ranch dressing). Airports really need to work on being more vegetarian friendly. Salad bar...hello!?

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