Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tea Time

One of my favorite things to drink is unsweetened iced tea. No sugar, no fake sweetener, straight up au natural. I have a bad habit of running through Dunkin Donuts for a large iced tea during workweek afternoons. It's so wasteful! BUT making my own iced tea at home requires boiling water, steeping the tea, and then waiting for it to cool enough to handle ice...too much work for a lunchtime tea fix. My main obstacle from making my own iced tea has been the container. I don't want a plastic container, I prefer glass. Surprisingly, it's very hard to find a glass pitcher with a lid! A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon Local Amish Farms, a company who sells glass milk jugs! With lids! A half gallon (64 oz) jar is only $7.50. So of course, I ordered one and it's perfect! I vow to no longer waste money on the wasteful plastic cups at Dunkin Donuts. Check out my new tea jug! I can't wait to have some ice cold tea from my tea jug this summer!


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