Friday, March 9, 2012

Flowers and Fuzzy Faces

Got some beautiful spring flowers from the Hubs this week and they really brightened my mood! Purple, green, yellow, and peach is a really nice combo. 

An impromptu photo session in the hallway with Murphy ended up being some of my favorite photos of him! Although this last one is dark, I just love it! I mean really how can you not smile when you see that face? Actually, I secretly judge people...if you look at my dog and don't smile, we're not friends. Have you seen my latest post about Murphy on Fuzzy Face Photography?

 In March 2010 my mom gifted me a clover plant for St. Patrick's Day. Although it may not be as vibrant as it used to be...see here, it's still kickin' and starting it's third year of life. Happy 2nd Birthday and St. Patrick's Day clover!

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