Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Stamp

While brainstorming my post title, I noticed that "stamp" is one of those words that sounds really weird when you say it over and over. Anyhoo, I recently carved my first stamp! My hubs got me the Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit for Christmas and I finally overcame my apprehension and just did it! The directions that come with the kit are kind of vague, so I did a little internet searching. I found some cute stamp carving DIYs at Color Me Katie and A Beautiful Mess, but Atlas Quest had the most in-depth and technical information.

I started small with a heart and a star and discovered that I love stamp carving! There is something so relaxing about carving away layers to make the shape and I love the awesome feeling of accomplishment once I saw the design stamped on paper (or whatever medium you choose to use). Perhaps it's my inexperience, but I didn't have good results with the ink included in the kit so I just brushed on some acrylic paint. Do you have any stamp carving tips? Happy stamping!

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