Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thoughts On...Easter Eggs

While strolling the aisles of Harris Teeter last weekend, I noticed these:

Pre-dyed Easter Eggs! This struck me as a very odd product. Now, I haven't dyed eggs since I was a youngster, but I don't remember it being a horribly difficult task. In fact, I remember it being quite fun! I started thinking, who in the world would want a product like this? (All ranting aside, I do think that people with mobility impairments could benefit from pre-dyed eggs). Yet, initially, my mind went to "How lazy can we be?" Visions of lethargic people slumped on the couch in their Forever Lazy presenting their kids with pre-dyed eggs jumped into my head. I was also curious if they're edible, and it turns out that it depends on several factors: the type of dye, the amount of time the eggs are outside refrigeration, the cleanliness of the hands that peeled them, etc. What do you think? Useful product or not?

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