Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Lately

I always intend to take food pics and usually realize that I've forgotten when I'm taking the last bite. Case-in-point, last night I made my first tofu scramble (with Indian spices) and it was beautiful and scrumptious (I mean seriously why haven't I tried this before?). But I forgot to take a photo! Being mostly vegetarian (I eat seafood sometimes), leads to some creative culinary pursuits, and sometimes I even surprise myself with how good it turns out! Here's to posting more "made-by-me" food pics in the future...who knows, someone might be interested in my weird recipes! I love scouring the net for new things to try!

(Please excuse the quality...iPhone pic) Ending the day with chocolate and hot tea is truly comforting. Have you been to a Teavana? Their tea blends are soul warming! I LOVE the Spice of Life, Peach Tranquility, and Jasmine. Be careful, they sell tea per 2oz and that can add up really quickly! If you can get to a store, they make hot and cold tea to take on the go!

Grilled portobello mushroom and onions, roasted red pepper, steamed carrots, and mixed greens served on top of grits. This was a hodge-podge dinner and it tasted so good! My go-to portobello marinade: balsamic vinegar, olive or coconut oil, dijon mustard (rub on the mushroom), dash of A1, pepper, and garlic. What do you marinade with?

 Unfortunately I didn't bake these beauties but they were so tasty. They're from Just Baked Cupcakes and were devoured at my aunt's birthday party! Tip: If you buy one cupcake per person at the party and cut each into fourths, you get to try four different flavors but it only equals one cupcake! Flavors (clockwise, upper left): signature vanilla, signature chocolate, grasshopper, vanilla salted caramel, vanilla chai tea, and red velvet. The signature chocolate is so nice!

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