Monday, July 23, 2012

New Orleans - The Food, Part 2

And the New Orleans food adventure continues! Per our server's recommendation at Borgne, we decided to head to Domenica Sunday evening. It's located in the beautiful historic Roosevelt Hotel and has a FABULOUS happy hour: half off drinks and pizza from 3 - 6. The pizza and the company were amazing!
The Adventures of Valocrat

Yes, I started a meal of pizza and beer off with bread. But this bread...OMG. It couldn't get any better. I had the margherita pizza and shared a side of Brussels sprouts with my friend. She had the roasted eggplant and veggie pizza. All were divine. I mean this is the best pizza I've had since Seattle's Serious Pie and that is one SERIOUS statement coming from me. It's perfectly thin, the sauce is heaven, and even better, they deliver within a one mile radius of the restaurant. So yes, I'll admit, I had it twice. Oh, but it gets better!

When our meal was coming to a close we got a big surprise...Mark Wahlberg walked in! And he was seated right behind us! He was with his children though so it just didn't feel right to say anything or ask for a picture. However I considered three options: (1) Ask HIM to take a group photo of US [hehe] (2) Write Mark 4 Eva on my stomach and flash it to him [Fear fans anyone?] or (3) Casually stroll up and say, "Tell ya mutha I said hello!" [from an SNL skit]. But alas, I did none of the above. I did manage to snag a pic of him ordering...

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