Monday, July 30, 2012

New Orleans - The Music

There's nothing quite like the sounds of New Orleans. Having developed quite the obsession with jazz over the past few years (my favorite Pandora station is Louis Armstrong), it was very thrilling to hear it live, where it came from, where it should be heard. I danced a lot, got chills from the extended wails of trumpets, I got teary-eyed from the soulfulness of it all. When can I go back?

Just what I needed. Our first night strolling the Quarter we came upon these street musicians; one violin, one guitar, and one trombone. What were they playing? Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and it was awesome!

Chuck Perkins and Voices of the Big Easy performed at one of our receptions and they were incredible! The Mardi Gras Indian was beautiful. Chuck Perkins is an amazing poet; his poem, New Orleans gives me chills every time.

This Dave Matthews artwork is located on the walls of Jimmy J's Cafe (yum). I almost bought it but their credit card machine was down. Hearing all the jazz in the city reminded me of some of DMB's music. Love them!

Our trip to Algiers led us to a quaint pub featuring live music by Some Like It Hot. This female-led jazz band was one of my favorites! She rocked it!

These guys provided some fabulous music during our visit to Cafe du Monde. The guitar player just randomly came up and joined them. 

By far, my favorite night, favorite moment, favorite memory of New Orleans was my experience at Vaughan's Lounge. It's a low-down, dusty, hot, tiny shanty bar in the Bywater neighborhood that features legendary jazz trumpet player Kermit Ruffins every Thursday. We danced, we sang, we sweated like crazy, squished up against the crowd, and drank ice cold beers. It was exactly what I wanted to experience in New Orleans. We even got our picture with him! Thank you Kermit!

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