Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Lately

Notice a trend in my last few posts? They revolve around food! Since I've been more sporadic with my posts, I find that food motivates me to blog. Over the past few years trying different recipes and new ingredients has been a welcome challenge. As a result, I've developed a new confidence with culinary adventures. I don't fret as much if I'm missing a certain spice or ingredient, and figure out how to use what I do have. Sometimes I even come up with my own creations and, regardless of the outcome, the process is always meditative and enlightening. I'm looking forward to trying some warm and hearty recipes this fall.

I realize this doesn't look like much, but wow, this red kidney bean curry from Smitten Kitchen was the perfect complement to the crisp fall air that's blowing in lately. An added plus is that it's a simple recipe...basically a bean chili with Indian spices. A beautiful balance of sweet and spicy, this hearty dish will warm you from the inside out! I topped it with a fresh farmer's market tomato and some cilantro. This is a new mainstay in my culinary repertoire! 

The farmer's market has been an absolute delight this month. The crossover between summer and fall gives access to a LOT of awesome fruits and veggies. Tomatoes are still around; this summer I fell in love with Pink Lady tomatoes. They're juicy, tender, and burst with flavor after a touch of salt. Fall greens like arugula and kale are slowly making their way into the market and the beautiful turnips I found last weekend were delicious. I roasted them with diced red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and pesto. I can't wait to find a head of fresh broccoli at the market! Happy eating everyone!

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