Friday, October 26, 2012

Pickin' Greens

A farmer down the street from me has a decent-sized garden and invites people to pick greens in the fall. I carefully stepped my way through an ocean of plants and picked a bag full of beautiful fresh greens. The collards were delicious...the kale was a little bitter, but the whole experience was so fun! Now that's local!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marshall University Homecoming

A few weeks ago I visited Huntington, West Virginia, home of my alma mater, Marshall University, to celebrate homecoming. I got to hang with great friends, watch a parade, eat good food at Giovanni's Pizza, and enjoy some beautiful fall weather. It's always so nice going home!

Monday, October 8, 2012


"With so much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard bein' Snoop D-O double G..." I couldn't get these lyrics out of my mind during a recent two-day work trip to Long Beach, California. It was my first time in the area and I was surprised at how big it is! It's a giant city right by the sea; there was a perfect beachy breeze and plenty of California sunshine.

In addition to cool Pacific ocean water temperatures, the oil rigs located not far from the shoreline make it a less than ideal swimming beach (although some brave souls were trying it out). I heard a rumor that during a visit to Long Beach, George Lucas was inspired to create a Star Wars monster based on the giant cranes on the shipping docks. Although most visitors may not want to swim, Long Beach is definitely an accessible area. A sidewalk lines the beach for miles giving plenty of space for walkers, bikers, roller skaters, and more. I had a fantastic vegetarian lunch at the Renaissance Hotel (Moroccan spiced beans, kale, and winter squash) and a quick tour of the Queen Mary. This giant ship used to be a cruise liner in the late 1930s, then became a military ship during WWII, and finally settled in Long Beach as a hotel, event venue, and museum. Nearly all of the Queen Mary is in it's original condition and I felt like I was whisked back in time to the Titanic. It was a short trip and I'm excited to explore more of Long Beach when I return in a few months!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Last week my friend Tim came to visit and we went to see Fiona Apple! It's been a friendship-long dream of ours to see her in concert and she didn't disappoint. We had a great visit filled with good food, tasty drinks, and the fabulous Fiona!

Can't go wrong with quiche and mimosas.

The pre-concert bar had an awesome feature: a "snow crusted" rim along the bar to keep glasses cool. What a fabulous idea!

Fiona rocked it out and her band was really talented. For the opening act, each band member came out and jammed. I think that's a really great idea!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fuzzy Faces

I had the privilege of photographing some of the newest fuzzy faces at Catering to Cats and Dogs recently. It's so much fun and great photography practice. Some of those kittens are almost impossible to catch! These are some of my favorites...

J. Lo must have been adopted since her info is no longer online. Yay!

This shot of Barkley is one of my favorites EVER. Those eyes, that smile, oh my! He is 7-years-old and was surrendered his former owner. Stories like this break my heart! How can you resist that face? Can someone give Barkley a loving home?