Friday, November 16, 2012

Paper Memories

For years, I've saved greeting cards, notes, concert and event tickets, and other random paper memories in a plastic box and vintage suitcase with the promise to "do something cool with them someday." Last weekend I FINALLY went through them. My fear, prior to beginning this project, was the potential for overwhelming emotion. And it was. But instead of being sad, I felt nostalgic, happy, and most of all thankful.

As I shuffled through the cards, dividing them by holidays, thank yous, and randoms, my heart was warmed and humbled by the things I read. Support, encouragement, and heartfelt advice poured off the parchment. Sweet notes from my mom, grandparents, aunt and uncle, friends, and even one from my great grandmother who passed nearly 20 years ago. I discovered that the cards are kind of like a journal from the outside. Stories from the card-givers reminded me of where I was, who I was, and even more important, who I have become; How important it is to remember how lucky I am to have such a beautiful group of family and friends in my life.

A word of advice for your next card-giving experience: Write the date. For us card savers, this small piece of information is invaluable.

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