Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Office Redo

My office at work has two sides: one where my desk/computer/files live and the other, which used to be storage, has been empty for some time now. I've been making plans in my mind for  that side of the office. Ya know how a big blank canvas can be freeing but totally overwhelming at the same time? A couple Christmases ago my boss gave us the option to get our offices professionally painted so I jumped at the chance and chose a pear-ish green...I absolutely LOVE it. Little by little I've done projects here and there. Recently, everything has been coming together so I want to share! I made the To-Do board above with an unused IKEA frame (contact paper instead of a photo + glass = decorative dry erase board).

After inheriting two red IKEA chairs and this awesome lamp from a coworker, my red and pear green color scheme was born! Usually I write off red and green as Christmas colors, but these particular shades really agree with me. 

Next I brought in an unused IKEA Poang chair from home and bought some new red cushions.

My boss gave me an old wooden bookshelf to paint...and paint...and paint. I think it took about 5 coats of white! And that's including a primer coat! I love how it turned out.

I decorated it with some plants and my tiny plastic animal collection.

For years I've had my sights on owning a bar cart. During an antique hunt several years ago my mom and I stumbled across a mirrored bar cabinet that opened up to be a magnificent serving piece. I have ALWAYS regretted leaving that bar cabinet. This year at an antique fair I found this beauty for $15! The potential was screaming in my face. While she's not the gorgeous 1970s mirrored bar cart of my dreams, she's a close second. Oh yeah, and she's a she too. How could something so cute not be? I took the cart apart, and painted each piece. A nice employee at Lowe's helped me "MacGuyver" a plan to add wheels and new screws. My husband and I painstakingly screwed the cart back together (WAY harder than it looked), and VOILA! I have an adorable tea cart in my office. 

These iPhone pics are super blurry but you get the gist. I got some antique decanters, added my tea pots, honey, and lemons. Yet to be added: colorful IZZE soda, Perrier, and of course some wine! There are still several final touches to add to the office, and I plan to bring my nice camera for some grand finale shots. It finally feels like "me" in here!

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