Friday, January 18, 2013

Party Time

We had a wine, cheese, meat, bread, and fruit party for my Mammol's 75th birthday last week. It was quite the spread! The idea was to have light fare so we could save room for dessert, but that didn't happen. I brought in homemade bagels from a local deli, mom made homemade crackers, there were five types of cheeses, three types of meat, and some yummy sweets! I wish I could have this meal every day. It was so nice to spend time with family!

Mom also made this beautiful purse-shaped limoncello cake. It was so tasty!

It was very painful to cut her masterpiece.

She also made some candied pecans. Seriously Mom is amazing! Did I mention she has a full-time job plus a million other things to do every day? These pecans are insanely addictive and not too difficult to make!

Turner. Want. Cake.

And of course, you-know-who had to help open presents!

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