Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to Cali: The Food (Part 2)

Well, it happened. I hit another winner in my eternal quest for the most delicious pizza on the planet. Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach will now join the ranks of Serious Pie (Seattle), Domenica (New Orleans), and Cibo (Phoenix). According to their website, Michael's is ranked the #1 pizza in Los Angeles. Owner Michael Dene opened Michael's on Naples (fine dining, Italian) several years ago. In 2010, He got tired of having disappointing pizza, and decided to open his own pizzeria! Michael's is a small restaurant with BIG flavor. They bake Naples-style pizza in a wood fired oven and offer homemade sauce, cheese, and sausage among other toppings. The pizza is served with a fork and knife--the way they do it in Naples--with slicing by request. Bite by bite I savored my exquisite margherita pizza topped with arugula, paired with Mama's Little Yellow Pils (yum), and drifted off into a pizza trance. Somehow I saved room for a chilled goblet of homemade chocolate gelato. I was perfection. I would go back to Long Beach solely to visit Michael's Pizzeria. 

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