Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to Cali: The Setting

Remember my trip to Long Beach, CA last October? Last week I went back to manage the conference I was planning. Flying away from chilly 30-degree East coast weather to sunny 70-degree breezy California sunshine was a major mood booster! Long Beach definitely isn't the type of beach I'm used to; it's a big bustling city right by the sea, oil rigs dot the horizon off the shores, and a big shipping dock (with giant giraffe-like cranes) looms directly beside the shoreline. The water is cold, but beautiful, and has almost no waves due to a break wall built in 1949 to thwart submarines and torpedoes during WWII (random fact). A sidewalk stretches for miles along the beach, giving way to roller bladers, walkers, runners, bikers, and all sorts of interesting beach transportation. I was brave and took my Canon 60D with me (eek); I'm always afraid of something happening to it, but always regret not having it! First up, some shots of the beautiful scenery. Next Cali post covers my favorite!

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