Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dining Dreams: Emeril's

Last night I crossed a big one off my culinary bucket list: Emeril's in New Orleans. The food was delicious and the customer service was out of this world. When I inquired about the location of the ladies room, a server escorted me. When I returned to the table, another server was waiting with my napkin and chair pulled out. My mom, Mammol, and I shared a lovely bottle of Prosecco and started with the famous barbecue shrimp appetizer and a ceasar salad. The shrimp was cooked to perfection with a perfectly sweet yet salty sauce. We sopped up the leftover sauce with the fabulous bread trio that accompanied the meal (sweet potato roll, corn muffin, and a rosemary garlic foccacia). For dinner I had the Top Chef special: Chef Shirley's black drum. Wow. The fish was tender and flaky and surrounded by a delightful mix of roasted red peppers, braised celery, crunchy roasted shittake mushroom, and parsnip. The sauce was buttery, creamy, and basically heaven on a plate. It was a special night with two of my favorite ladies! 

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