Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Flip Flops to Freezing in Two Days

Winter storm number two is hitting the South! Beautiful soft snowflakes are dancing in the sky. There's something electric in the air when a big storm is coming. Everyone is rushing around, making store runs, picking up kids, and cancelling events; people in the South tend to freak out more than those in the North. Makes me feel like getting cozy at home with a book, hot tea, and a fire, and watching the flakes fall. Speaking of snow, can you believe it was almost 70 degrees in Charlotte Saturday!? I started an exciting new photography project with a local blogger. Check out The Style Heist to see my first assignment!
Just one more New Orleans photo. Proof that I did, in fact, share a Huge Ass Beer with my grandmother and mom on Bourbon Street. What an awesome memory! 

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  1. Val thank you for the amazing photos! So jealous of your NOLA trip, will need to get your tips soon :)