Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Murphy Chronicles: 12/52

Murphy got his green on this St. Patrick's Day! He doesn't enjoy wearing a handkerchief and made multiple attempts to vigorously roll it off. Finally, he accepted it and went to strut his stuff in the neighborhood. He got lots of compliments. Such a handsome leprechaun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Floral Mood

I bought these yellow roses on a whim one day when it was rainy and cold and their beautiful shade of yellow caught my eye. They were closed up tight, just little yellow buds. Over the next few days they began blossoming and, oh my, were they beautiful! Two weeks later I still have a few wilted stragglers left. But in their beautifully blossomed prime, they brought some serious warmth to many days and a put a smile on my face. They also reminded me of my Mammol; the yellow rose is the symbolic flower of sorority she belongs to. I tend to choose wildflowers or lilies, but these inspired me to "get my rose on" more often!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Murphy Chronicles: 11/52

Murphy gets VIP service when it's cold. Before we head to work on chilly winter mornings, I toss his blanket in the dryer and wrap him up in the car. Don't judge, it's heartbreaking to watch that little dude shiver! This series of sleepy photos is his morning ritual. Once I start driving, he snuggles under that blanket and doesn't emerge until our final turn into the office parking lot. I'm amazed how he knows, but he KNOWS when we're there. Even without looking. Excuse the grainy photos. My iPhone camera is having serious problems! Can't wait until upgrade time.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Murphy Chronicles 10/52

Figured I'd jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon this week. This is a photo of Murphy from 2007, around 4 months old, just days after he came into my life. The eyes, the ears, the nose, that adorable lip! He's pure cuteness. Lucky for him, he grew into those eyes. I've been in puppy love with this guy since the moment I met him!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Tiny Boss

Adventures are everywhere! Last weekend I headed home to visit family and got into all sorts of strange. First, we decided to visit a "huge home shopping overflow sale" that was advertised in the newspaper but actually ended up being a giant junk sale. As my Mammol said, we were "underwhelmed." Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of GOOD junk (antiques, consignment, etc.) but this was painful. Torn Clark shoes, Birkenstocks decorated with Micky & Minnie, random kitchen cookware that looked used, and boxes of thing-a-ma-jigs that no one in this world could need or want. The electronic candle with a water feature as the wick really took the cake for me. 

Before I left Sunday morning, Mom threw a little Mardi Gras celebration with homemade beignets, mimosas, flowers, and jazz music. The beignets were absolutely delicious; Cafe du Monde would be proud! Shortly after the party started, I noticed a little dog running up and down the sidewalk, barking at mom's dogs, and backing into the road every few moments. Panic set in. I ran outside and thankfully the pup came right to me. He had on a collar with a phone number. The owner didn't answer, so I left a message and crossed my fingers for a reunion. For the next two hours this stray, Andy, the fuzzy little pup in the photo above, managed to start a massive hump fest among himself, my mom's two westies, my Boston Terrier, and my friend's dog. There was barking, running, playing in the rain & mud...pure canine delight...complemented by lots of laughing and failed discipline attempts on the human end of this charade. By the time the owner came to pick Andy up, this 8-pound seemingly-innocent pup managed to take charge of the entire pack. What an entertaining weekend!