Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Murphy Chronicles: 20/52

Be prepared. No I'm serious, are you sitting down? You're about to be overloaded with an insane amount of Murphy cuteness. Last week, Murphy was a beach dog on Ocracoke Island! He had so much fun exploring and playing with his buddies Baby and Turner. It was "Murphy" weather -- 70 and sunny with a calm breeze. He was in puppy heaven!
Our cottage was adorable! It had a lovely shaded screened-in porch for the dogs to relax on. Murphy claimed Baby's bed as his own, and he discovered a ball that some other dog must have left. I called it the "ketchup and mustard ball." The pups fought over it all week. It was the Belle of the BALL! (haha)
There was a counter in the cottage that Murphy could just barely reach by standing on his tippy toes on a nearby chair (smart boy). He was convinced we were doing something pretty damn cool on that counter. It looked like he was sauntering up to a bar..."Where's my drink ya'll?" Made me laugh every time I saw that little head pop up.
Now the good stuff! Murphy was a seriously happy beach dog.
Eat it. Roll in it. Love it. "Did she just say BATH??"
Ermahgerd. Officially melting over this cute little sandy pup!

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