Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sweet San Fran

While I was in Sacramento last month for business, a couple coworkers and I did a one-day whirlwind trip to San Francisco! It was my first time in the city (and on a train!) and I definitely felt emotional seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in real life. An unexpected find was Sausalito. It's a small town across the bay; the ferry ride over was the highlight of the trip. San Francisco spread behind us, getting smaller as we neared Sausalito. It was noon, and the sun was just burning the last bit of fog away, leaving a pristine blue sky dotted with clouds. Sail boats were carried by a chilly wind; ever artistic with the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. I sipped a delicious local Speakeasy Ale and marveled at the size of Alcatraz as our ferry tugged by. When we pulled up to Sausalito, the town was buzzing with activity. Bicyclists galore, a breast cancer marathon, and visitors from all walks of life. Somehow we were lucky enough to find a lunch spot outside looking out at the beautiful bay. Someday, I hope to return to San Fran and Sausalito for a more lengthy and relaxing stay.

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